Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Parmesan Crisps with Goat Cheese Mousse

This was my 4th attempt at this and this is supposed to be a fun project, not an exercise in frustration, so in keeping it real, I'm showing you these failed morsels. As you may remember in the parmesan crisps posts, I mentioned that theoretically you can shape the molten cheese crisps into a tulip cup shape while simultaneously searing off your fingerprints. So if you want to change your identity, this may be the recipe for you! I tried the egg carton, I tried the upside down shot glasses that Carol Blymire used. I tried several vessels and could never make them tulip up.

So, pressing onward, I went ahead and made the goat cheese mousse. I must admit I am not a goat cheese fan, I have only ever tasted one I really liked. So I bought the mildest goat cheese I could find. I mixed it up in the food processor as instructed added the cream and at the very end added the herbs and salt and pepper. I didn't take a picture but it was more soupy than mousse-y. From reading others' experiences it seems this is a fairly common occurence. Chef Keller is known for sourcing only the finest ingredients and I suspect that has much to do with his ability to mousse this stuff.... oh and... not to mention skill and talent!

Anyhoo, I piped the soup-mousse onto my flat crisps. A couple of them kept the little star swirl for a few seconds but not long enough for the camera.

As you can see even the picture sucks. Maybe my heart just wasn't in it. I ate one and it tasted ok, but as I said goat cheese isn't my cheese of choice. Wonderful Supportive husband said they were "not bad". All in all not a rousing endorsement, but if you are a goat cheese fan, and you don't mind serving on flat chips instead of tulips... these might be for you!

More (better) canapes on the way

See you soon!


  1. the trick to these is definitely in the searing of your fingertips. i used an egg carton and burnt myself, but it was worth it in the end LOL. also, i think that there is a typo within the actual text of the recipe when it comes to the cream. under ingredients, it says to use 4-6T of heavy cream, but in the text it says 1/4 cup all at once! big difference here. i only used about 4T and it was completely pipe-able...

  2. Use a muffin tin to cook the parmesan. It means you will not sear your fingers and as the muffin tin is non stick you get nice cup shaped crisps