Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lovely Lunch at the Farmhouse

Today we had lunch at the Farmhouse in Palmetto GA. It was about an 80 minute drive south for us, in a downpour and with highways under construction, but I have to say, with all the trauma in the travel, the experience was well worth it.

We met lovely and loved John and Cheryl and traipsed thru the puddles to the porch and once inside were welcomed as if we were family. This is a lovely dining room, rustic yet elegant and everyone is SO friendly but not overbearingly so. On Sundays they offer 3 courses and the only entree is fried chicken. It comes with collard greens, butter beans, and creamed corn. The table bread basket offers delightfully fluffy and tasty chive biscuits. We had the starter of fried green tomatoes, which would have been better in spring but were still very good and a spicy remoulade " warning! you get 5 slices of tomato with each order ". John and Cheryl had the arugula salad which looked very fresh and nice.

The chicken had been soaked in buttermilk (all this is speculation and I am an amateur) and it had a nice tang to it, the crust was very tasty and not too thick. It was served airline style which means the ribs are removed but the drumstick part of the wing remains. The creamed corn was sweet and creamy, the collards were perfect!!! Not at all bitter,very tender and tasty. The butter beans were soft and well, buttery. A great combination. There was a nice selection of wines by the glass and also some cocktails and beers available.

The dessert offerings today were a buttermilk cake with chocolate fudge frosting ( it was a bit dry) and a peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream which was very nice.

The Farmhouse is a part of the Serenbe community, an interesting and unique gathering of shops, an Inn and 2 restaurants as well as residential housing. All are committed to farm-to-table dining in a really beautiful setting. The atmosphere at the Farmhouse is as if you are dining in a friend's home, it was just lovely. There are not many places I would expend this much effort to get to, but the Farmhouse iss definitely one of them.

Thanks John and Cheryl for meeting us, it was a great experience.

See you soon.


  1. Marie Nygren runs the Serenbe Farmhouse restaurant she started Serenbe along with her husband Steve.

    You may be interested in checkin out her blog, I help her with the blog and we feature lots of great recipes and Serenbe tidbits.

    Glad you enjoyed your lunch!

  2. sounds like eating with the amish here.