Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From the Shores Of High Rock Lake North Carolina

My wonderful sister is hosting our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving dinner at her house in Lewisville NC this week. Being the understanding, sweet and gracious woman she is, she knows we are really reclusive at heart and she lets us to stay at her (and Byron's) beautiful lake house... which allows us to play FFXI without too much explaining and take a time out from socializing with my zany family. (I love them all but you know what I'm sayin.)

Today we traveled to Lewisville and began a shopping marathon for the Thursday feast. We started at Whole Foods which was NUTS!! Predatory parking and full contact shopping. Aside from Whole Foods, Lewisville has far superior supermarket shopping than Atlanta. There is a fantastic Harris Teeter and an equally impressive Lowe's Food. Before I get too far ahead, I must mention we had a very tasty lunch at an upscale Mexican restaurant -Mi Pueblo- with brother Bruce, his wife, Diane and his daughter, the lovely Maria. It was a busy place with an extensive and interesting menu and as always, Bruce knew everyone in the place by first name. Most had the Jerk Chicken, I had the Enchiladas Suizas; and I might mention several Margaritas were consumed. We finished the shopping spree at Harris Teeter with recipes and Liz's planning documents in hand, and secured all our provisions.

My gorgeous sister Liz, is in fact, a force of nature. She is a perpetual motion machine and trying to keep up with her, by 4:00 pm I was toast. So rather than starting prep in Lewisville tonight , we retreated to the lake and I am currently working on turkey stock while Jim is preparing the Cranberry Orange relish and the pimento cheese. Don't worry! I am only updating the blog between skimming stints. Skim! Skim! Skim! Turkey stock in need of skimming:
And cranberry relish: Also tonight I am baking the cornbread for our cornbread dressing. Lessons to imbed in the brain: 1.Take care of the things you can, as you can, 2.always have mise en place (everything ready and organized) 3. always clean as you go and the task will never overwhelm you. Cornbread:

Good Night everyone, see some of you on FFXI have a great night!
See you soon.

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