Saturday, October 31, 2009

Parmesan Crisps

Into the 10th hour ( I think) of Veal Stock,
I needed a little instant gratification.
Parmesan crisps are ridculously fast and simple, It's just grate, form and bake.. and OOOOO it smells divine! This is how they look before baking. These crisps are used as a garnish in many of the recipes and when formed into a cup shape, they hold a lovely goat cheese mousse. I tried to make some cup shapes (supposedly you take the volcanically hot cheese and stuff it into a clean egg carton egg-space and it cools to form a cup.) After quite a few expletives and singed fingers, I decided to wait for Mr. Asbestos fingers to help with this... he's also known as the wonderful supportive husband around here. We'll have these crisps as a Trick or Treat for grown ups snack.

Here's how they look when done The lighter color ones are the correct ones, the others had too much cheese... I didn't know such a thing was possible :

Happy Halloween everyone

See you soon.

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