Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OoooOh Shiny!!!

Isn't it pretty? And so shiny!! We went shopping today for the various utensils I need for this project and first on the list was a 20 qt. stockpot. My little 12 qt wasn't gonna cut it for 10 lbs of veal bones (which arrive at the butcher tomorrow btw). I gravitated to the All Clad display at Cook's Warehouse and a very helpful young man looked up the price and quoted me $445... um.. no thanks. As my husband was choking and wheezing in the next aisle, the young man said wait.. how about this one? It was All Clad, it was 20 qts.. and best of all, it was $79! SOLD! Not really sure what the difference was other than the price but this one is fine for me. He helped me find a few other items on the list and assisted with my pastry bag selection. I really wanted those vintage Atlanta demitasse cups but $15 each was too much for just "cute". Anyways, Cooks Warehouse in the ATL area is great place to shop with friendly and knowledgable staff. (And no FTC... I paid full retail and received only good service - no gifts -so there!)
We went on to stimulate the economy in a large way at a few shops nearby but that has nothing to do with this blog. Except I must ask you this, Do you not think it is really really stupid to make it illegal to donate a new mattress set to charity? I mean NEW.. too soft for our old backs and didn't work out.. illegal. We also had a lovely lunch at a Thai restaurant we used to frequent when we both worked in midtown... memories.
As if all that and the new meat mallet weren't enough excitement, I came home reading about the Salmon Tartare first recipe in the book, and I read that Chef Keller HIMSELF said, "you can fill it with anything you want" I always knew there was a God, but on this particular point I was very grateful. It's a tiny little cornette which looks like an ice cream cone and I'm thinking I'll use a savory mousse of some kind or a tomato confit and olive tapenade. Very excited. Can't wait to get started.
See you soon.

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