Monday, October 19, 2009

I got the book

Just got home from Barnes & Noble where I finished my Christmas shopping and treated myself to the only copy of The French Laundry Cookbook on the shelf. All indications are that this project ain't gonna be cheap. I suppose I could put on my old Project Management hat and develop a budget and timeline, but then I'd probably never do this... So once again, God Bless my husband, the most supportive spouse on the planet.

I figured I would start with veal stock since it is a key ingredient to many of the dishes, but upon inspection, realized I only have a 12 qt. stockpot and I need a 20 qt. pot. Ok, so maybe I'll just start at the beginning....

I hate salmon. I mean I really hate it. Once I was served an amuse bouche at a nice restaurant and I didn't listen to the description.. (it was so pretty!) and just popped it in my mouth. What I hadn't listened to was the part about the goat cheese and the salmon tartare. With that pretty little bite in my mouth I was literally gagging, and right in front of the waiter!! I managed to swallow it but it was not an easy task. And today, I opened my beautiful new $50 cookbook and what's the first recipe? Salmon tartare.... Maybe I'll start with a soup.

See you soon.

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