Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Leek and Potato Soup (Take One)

This was to be Bouchon #6. The best laid plans sometimes run off the rails. I was all ready with my mise en place:

Had everything going according to plan and while the veggies were sweating I went away for just 2 minutes! JUST 2 MINUTES! Well, I got distracted and 2 minutes turned into 5 which was just long enough to turn some of the onions dark brown. They weren't burnt but caramelized, which is definitely not something you want in Leek & Potato soup. I went ahead with the soup, and the texture was absolute velvet but it wasn't the way this soup should be. So I will try again another day.  Moral:: "Stand by yor man pan!" 

I can't believe I just said that... 
Anyway on a good note: I found new buttons on my camera.  Well, actually, they have been there all along, but I just discovered them, and through my user's manual and an online tutorial via The Pioneer Woman I am working on better food shots.  It will take a while, this is a whole new language for me to learn, but I thought you might like a little bit of happy news.

We don't do Valentine's Day around here, it's a pressurized commercialized romance competition as we see it. BUT this year Star Provisions is selling a romantic dinner for fixing at home, that we will try and I'll post. We still don't do V-Day, it just so happens this dinner is being marketed as such and I want to try it :)

See you soon! (and Happy Valentine's Day to those of you who think it's important! <3)

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  1. sorry bout the taters lol. happy vday anyways.