Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Eulogy

Our Bullet girl died at 9:58 Decmber 29, 2010. She went peacefully and was ready to die. Up until the 27th she staging amazing comebacks, but by Wednesday morning it was clear that she was ready to go.

I wrote a few words about how she came to us, I will write a few now about how she became Bullet the Wonder Dog and what has happened since she left this life. I have held off on this post because her boy, Ken, has been on vacation in Ireland and I didn't want to impact his time off, or let him learn of her death on a blog post.

The wonder dog:
I never worked while she lived with us and we rarely take vacations, so I have spent more time with this wonder dog than I did with my Mom, or with my husband or even my son. She was at my side constantly; except in the summer when dogs shouldn't go to the grocery store in cars. She was with me when I gardened, she was with me when I cooked, she watched out the window for the school bus every day when Ken came home. She greeted Jim at the door every night he was not out of town. When Jim retired they walked 2 miles a day together every day until July of last year.

At 4:58 every single day, she did a dinner dance, in the play stance jumping and boucing to get attention for her supper. She upstaged Snoopy.

She never barked unless she was playing with Jim in a play fight over protecting me.

Every time her boy's car pulled in the driveway, she recognized it and wagged her whole body to greet him.

Every time we came home we heard the tick-tick-tick of her nails on the hardwoods with whole body wagging to greet us. We always ordered from the menu with Boo left overs in mind.

She sniffed, sniffed, sniffed, sniffed, sniffed everything

She was afraid of loud noises so July 4th and New Year's were bad nights for us. We cuddled to no avail.

Our neighbors said their eyes were filled with tears at the news, and all of them said she was the most happy, sweet, loving soul they had ever met.

I hope to see her in heaven. God rest her soul.


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