Monday, May 10, 2010

A Personal Post

As if they aren't all, in some way, personal....

I meant to take my camera..but I was kind of flustered. I'm not a morning person but we woke up at 6:30 am. I don't do crowds well, but there were about 5,000 ppl there.. yikes  (and they all exited through ONE GATE!!!). I'm not kidding.

We had spent a lovely evening on the deck with Liz and Bruce the night before and everyone was up and ready, blowdried and tucked in (shirts that is). Morning came and we drove to Ga. Tech. We found our seats with Meg's parents Hubbard and Kathy and our fun lunch friend and brother John, (who you may remember from Farmhouse). It took FOREVER for the program to start but once it started, it moved rather briskly. There were speakers, of course, and then the hopeful grads were called name by name, within colleges. Science was last (of course).  I say "hopeful grads" because they were given a photo of the Tech Tower, not a diploma, because their final exams were taken on Thursday.

It is hard to describe the powerful emotions that roll over a parent's body and mind during this type of graduation. It is High School x 20 -- at least for me. Georgia Tech is  very very difficult academic program. It is a world class institution. To have your son or daughter graduate, furthermore with Honors or High Honors, and even furthermore with two degrees within 4 years (as both Meg and Ken did), to a person of ordinary intellect as I am, it takes my breath away.

Anyway, other than the rather obnoxious speech from the Alumni Assn. head, it was a great ceremony. The balloons didn't release properly, but if my Sister Liz had been in charge, (as she used to do) they would have been perfect.

We had lunch with about 15 people at Varasano's Pizzeria and it was perfect! We all ate and drank and  visited with each other as if we owned the place. The service was phenomenal (our server was the young lady working the bar), the food was great! We got 3 salumi plates, 5 pizzas and 3 desserts. The fried pizza-doughnuts were awesome!  All the pizzas were great, except the white clam... not a crowd favorite. The coffee was a crowd favorite too!

I have invited Ken and Allison, and Ken Brown (his mentor and boss at GT) and Christine to a TFL dinner, we'll see if that works out. Dr. Brown was in California recently and unable to secure a reservation at TFL, hopefully I can show some of my gratitude by cooking a Keller inspired meal for him... never ever thinking I would meet the standards of TFL just perhaps give a glimpse of the wonderfulness.  Also, we are hoping that Meg and her friends will come to a Keller inspired dinner soon.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, It was really sort of the end? reverse? opposite? of labor (and equally intense). He was brought into this world through pregnancy and now goes out into the world with our love and support and prayers. God Bless all the graduates, all over the world.

See you soon.  More food on the way, I promise !!

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