Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yabba Dabba Do -it-again

Usually soup is my go to for using up leftovers .. sometimes meat and stuff in homemade tortillas. But this time I wanted something different so I began to ask myself WWWF do? (Wilma Flintstone) We had leftover potatoes and some of that lovely beef and some onions... then it came to me.. Hash! Immediately I set to work: diced potatoes and minced onions and cut up the beef.  I sauteed the onions and then added the potatoes, which in hindsight, I would have reversed the order. The potatoes take longer to cook through and the onions got a little caramelized. That is never a bad thing, it was just unintentional in this case. I used salt and pepper to taste and when all was ready threw in the beef chunks, and covered to help them warm through. I wanted to cook them as little as possible. Here's how it looked:

To be completely decadent, I used the last bit of veal stock and the saved pan drippings ( minus fat) to make some gravy to go on top. Oh, and yes, I'm sure we had some green vegetables.. I'm certain of it! This was really yummy comfort food on a cold and rainy day.

Also, my very sweet neighbors came by with these beautiful flowers for me... aren't they pretty? They also brought some of those disposable plastic containers... just in case I have more left overs to share. Don't worry Cathy and Jon, we're counting on you guys to help us eat!


See you soon.

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  1. looks like something quick and easy to whip up,will have to try sometime.